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I lack the time or emotional bandwidth to compile any sort of coherent post so here are some truly DEEP thoughts to let fester in your brain-pan:

My husband has had the flu for three days and none of the rest of us have gotten it… how is that POSSIBLE?

It is my sincere belief that the newly popular saying “Put on your big girl pants and deal with it” is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard.

Words cannot express my sadness about Conan losing his job. I know, I know, some people aren’t Conan people, I guess kind of like how some people don’t think 30 Rock is funny (yes, I hear there are such people). I NEED the Conan. He gets me. I’M WITH COCO.

i CANNOT stop thinking about Elizabeth Edwards today. Unreal.


So far I’m not watching American Idol this season because I’m preparing myself for not watching it next year…. Because seriously, no Simon?  No AI for me.
Two days ago, like an idiot, I went to T@rget to buy some baby need stuff and I got a bit extravagent bought TWO cans of formula, extra diapers and some pajamas that were on clearance.  I got home and realized it was only Tuesday, not Wednesday, which meant it was two more days until payday.  I wrote in our receipts and realized we were in the danger zone.  Once the kids were down for the night, I drove across town to return one can of formula and some of the other extras only to find I”d left the receipt on our couch.  I drove back home and got my receipt and drove back.  Then they said putting it back on the debit would take 5-7 days to go through (weird, because it debited the money OUT instantly!).  So I asked for cash and planned to deposit it the next morning.  The teller said SOME of the things she might not be able to give me cash for, but the computer would tell her which.  Ooookkkkkkkayyyyy.  Then she saw the baby formula and said it would have to be marked defective and thrown away.  I showed her it still had the seal and she told me with steely eyes, it didn’t matter, that was their policy (score another one for T@rget’s return policies, right?!).  Normally, I would have felt guilty returning it, but I was deeply embroiled in a borderline panic attack and felt like I wanted to put that money in our checking and really, am I to blame for their cr@p policies?!  So I did and I watched her defect a perfectly good can of formula while there are hungry children all over this planet (and, yes, I DO realize it was my fault), and I, the most polite, people-pleasingest person, let my quiet rage show.  I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and said, “This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”  She didn’t know how to take that.  I offered to buy it back on my credit card so it wouldn’t go to waste.  NOPE.  Policy is it has to be defected b/c it was returned.  What. A. World.
Cr@igslist… I guess I really couldn’t quit you.
I realize a lot of these things seem tv related but I MUST tell you that if you gave up on Parks & Recreation last year, you really should give it a try this year.  It is one of my faves.  Along the same lines, if you gave up on Community after a couple episodes, revisit it.  It’s getting even more hilariouser.  Yeah, I put them words together like that…   You can watch eps free on-line.

Today at the gas station there was a lady parked next to me filling up her car and there was a little girl screaming in the car and I started worrying that she had been kidnapped so I kept staring at the woman and the kid like some kind of secret agent defender of children and then the lady opened the door and calmed the girl down and they drove off… but I still memorized the license plate.  Seriously, what is up with me?!
Baby is finally sleeping in his own room and for the past two nights I got more than 5 hours of consecutive sleep and felt slightly more human… but still “off” enough to be hyper vigilant when confronted by people with screaming kids in their cars.
I watched a documentary last night (I’m on a documentary kick) called Forgiving Dr. Mengele.  It followed a woman who was in Auschwitz as a young child and who, with her twin, was a part of Mengele’s experiments on twins.  The rest of her family was killed.  In adulthood, she chose to seek to forgive so she could move on with her life and the film documents how her attempts at forgiveness unsettled other survivors.  Fascinating and heartbreaking.  She started a Holocaust museum in Indiana and it was destroyed by firebomb a few years back…. racial slurs were spray painted on the walls.  A truly fascinating examination of forgiveness.  I would link the trailer but the images are so disturbing that I can’t do it.

I am super sleepy and could totally go for a nap.

DON’T FORGET TO VISIT Mother’s in Action’s site and check out “Treats for Tet.”

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Urgent Need in Haiti

You can contribute to the United Nations World Food Program for relief to Haiti HERE.

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. – Mother Teresa

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burp cloth

boyardee  breakfast

“roast beast” and “who hash”

ankle-foot orthotic

overalls and one wet bed

empty juice box and seizure meds

little hoodie sweatshirts zipped up tight

hats with ear flaps and a Buzz nightlight

messy house with Mt. Laundry piled HIGH

two crazy cats and Super Why

more oral-motor exercise

checking out my thunder thighs

husby throws the kids up high

new iPhone and cheap hair dye

sticky hands and sloppy kisses

laughing eyes and teary faces

dirty glasses, un-tied shoes

i could stand a LITTLE booze

temper tantrum, cuddle time

struggling to make something rhyme

baby teeth

stacks of bills

another new thumb splint

still more bills

book reports and shaggy hair

busy office and a new high chair

tucking in

nigh-night kiss

quiet house

sleepy bliss…

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