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29. Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one who is really tired of seeing nothing but display after display of Vampire Lit at every book store I visit?

Am I the only one who cannot wait for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance?  And Bones?  And 30 Rock?

Am I the only one who thinks it is time to let MJ RIP already?

Am I the only one who thinks that all of Miley’s grinding and gyrating is much more disturbing than her “pole dance?”

Am I the only one who cannot wait for FALL to arrive?

Am I the only one who is relieved that Back to School is over already?!

Am I the only one who is stoked that there are only two more days in my National Blog Posting Month challenge?

Am I the only one who thinks I am in no way interesting enough to be twittering?

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Last night I woke up running.

As in,  was running before I woke up.  Han was screaming.

Ryno and I got into his room and Ryno picked him up as we both frantically tried to get him to wake up.

But he was awake.  Han was signing, over and over, “itsy bitsy spider on my hand” –  and he would show us his hand and shiver. He was terrified.  We took him in the living room and he and Ryno slept on our sectional.

We never did figure out if he had a bad dream or if he really woke up with a spider on his hand (pause for me to shudder violently).

So far tonight we’ve already gone on two spider hunts in his bedroom.  Bedtime should be interesting tonight.

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27. fever dreams

My dreams are often dotted by feverish, frantic, non-sensical moments of panic that have me waking with a racing heart, and relief that it was… well, just a dream.

Recently I had a dream that I was hiding in some sort of bunker and trying to keep my children quiet (this is no doubt inspired by a terrible story I heard about people hiding during the Holocaust and trying to keep their babies quiet…).  Then, out of nowhere, Owen Wilson (the actor) appeared with a tray of cookies and he really wanted me to take one.  All of a sudden I’m not worried about being quiet, I’m telling him “No, thanks, I don’t like cookies.”  That is true.  Yes, my friends, that is true (which is weird because if you see me in person you think, “there’s a gal who enjoys a cookie” – but I digress).

Suddenly Owen Wilson bursts into tears and is distraught, saying, “Oh no, I brought peanut butter and you’re allergic to peanut butter.”

Also true.

“It’s okay, Owen.  I don’t want a cookie anyway…”

What in the heck is up with dreams?

My most common nightmares place me back in school – college or grad school – and it is finals day and I have a huge history test and it was a class I skipped so much that I can’t remember where they meet… and I haven’t studied.  So I am FRANTIC running around trying to figure out where the class is so I don’t FAIL.  Those dreams are the worst.  I have that one every couple weeks or so and wake up so relieved that school is over.  No more finals.

So tell me, what is your most common recurring dream?

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“Uhm, no, honey, that’s CHRIST.”

Me, correcting Han in the waiting room of a Catholic doctor’s office when he pointed at a Crucifix and started signing “Tarzan” and beating his chest while yelling “Ahhhh-ah-ahhhhh”

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25. Now what?

Well, it happened… Chewie rolled over in his bed.  He sleeps in an empty pack and play next to our bed so no bumpers or any other hazardous nonsense (toys, etc.) to worry about.  But he rolled over onto his belly in the night and didn’t cry or anything.  Isn’t he too young to be sleeping on his belly?  And if so, I’m not really sure what we should do!!!  We put him back on his back and he immediately rolled over onto his side and started back for his belly.


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