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mr smith

The fourth of July is upon us and it seems like the perfect time to do our first ever blog – giveaway.  And what better giveaway than one of our favorite summer movies:  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!

If you’ve never seen this movie, starring James Stewart and Claude Rains, about an “average Joe” boy scout leader who suddenly finds himself in the US Senate, than you are missing out.

Throw away your tv – turn off Spongebob or (GAG!) Gossip Girl and watch this with your kids.

The DVD giveaway is open until the 4th of July.  All you have to do to enter is to post a comment with a question for us, your favorite summer movie, or a suggestion for a blog post topic.

If you post about this giveaway on your blog, then come back and comment again and you’ll get two entries!

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for Jimmy!


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after a few minutes of me stumbling to explain what “The Ark of the Covenant” is…

Me:  Hmmm… (pause) I think I may be confusing my Old Testament with my Indiana Jones

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a laugh for today…

This AM – around five – I busied myself making a bottle for young Chewie, while Ryno stumbled around half-asleep getting dressed for work.

“Hey,” said I in exhausted delirium, “baby slept from 11 until 5!  That is like 6 hours!”

Without even slowing down, Ryno mumbled. “No he didn’t.  You got up and made a bottle at 2:30.”

“No…. I didn’t get up once.”

“Yes… you handed the baby to me and went in to make a bottle.  Then you stumbled in here,  handed me the bottle and fell asleep.”


“Oh.” Sigh of realization. “I thought that was yesterday…”

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overheard as daddy and han solo were leaving for baseball practice the other night…

Daddy:  Alright, do you have your purse?

Han:  (Nods and hoists the empty red felt Christmas gift bag higher on his shoulder (just like mama) while daddy carries all of his baseball gear.)

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(I am para-phrasing as I don’t have the heart to look up his exact wording on this gem…)

“Now that I know how soft her feet are, I can’t wait to take her home to meet my family.” – Foot Fetishist Tanner P

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